Announcing the newest brew from The Kombucha Lady: 

The Kombucha Lady’s 


Blueberries + Rosemary = Roseberry!   Organic gunpowder green tea kombucha infused with organic/or locally grown blueberries and a sprig of rosemary from the Promised Land Farm. A seasonal flavor with limited availability


Tulsi Tea Kombucha

Tulsi tea is brewed from this herb:

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Lemon Green Tea Kombucha
 Organic Gunpowder Green Tea infused with organic lemon and juice. 
*Read this review of the benefits of green tea and you will agree with us that this brew is something you should add to your everyday diet.  Great compliment to your day if you are trying to lose weight!
Fire Cider Kombucha
Modeled after a traditional cold and flu remedy, fire cider.  I use organic apple cider vinegar, kombucha vinegar, local honey, lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, black pepper.  Suggest that you take 1 TB a day to stay well and 1-3 TB at least 3 times daily when under the weather.  (Want to boost the immune boost?  Add a few chopped cloves of garlic. ) Also, use this together with our Berry Well Kombucha and shoot back at those virus bugs with both barrels!
Limited availability (winter brew)
Berry Well Kombucha
Organic Pekoe tea kombucha second fermented with organic Elderberries and the lastest super berry: organic Aronia berries from a local organic farm! YUM and keep well this winter!  Seasonal flavor with limited availability (Winter flavor)

Apple Chai Kombucha
Organic Keemun Tea infused with chai spices, organic apple cider and apple slices.  Seasonal flavor with limited availability. (Fall flavor)
Raw Concord Grape Kombucha
Organic White Tea Kombucha infused with Concord grapes from Dodson’s Promised Land Farm. (that’s  us!) Seasonal flavor with limited availability. (Late Summer flavor)
Jasmine Peach Kombucha
Organic Jasmine Green Tea Kombucha infused with sweet ripe peaches from Mountain Spring Market  This is a seasonal flavor with limited availability. (Summer flavor)
 These are our signature blends:
Tropical Strawberry-  Organic Hibiscus Kombucha Tea with organic strawberries and organic pineapple.  
tkl-web-7985   strawberries and booch
Ginger Lime-Organic White tea kombucha with organic ginger and a lime slice
Blackberry Sage- Organic Pekoe tea kombucha with blackberries and sage 
blackberry-ktea     IMG_9333
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