Check out our flavors!                 Some are seasonal with limited availability….scroll down for details on each flavor

update! 10/5/18

Seasonal Flavors now available: Apple Chai, Roseberry and Jasmine Peach

  Apple Chai Kombucha 

Organic Keemun Tea infused with chai spices, organic apple cider and apple slices.  Seasonal flavor with limited availability. (Fall flavor)

Blueberries + RosemaryRoseberry! 

Organic gunpowder green tea kombucha infused with organic/or locally grown blueberries and a sprig of rosemary from the Promised Land Farm. A Late Summer seasonal flavor with limited availability


Jasmine Peach Kombucha
Organic Jasmine Green Tea Kombucha infused with sweet ripe peaches from Gardenhour’s orchard in Smithsburg, MD.   This is a seasonal flavor with limited availability. (Summer flavor)


Berry Well Kombucha

Organic Pekoe tea kombucha second fermented with organic Elderberries and the latest super berry: organic Aronia berries from a local organic farm (Keymar, MD ) .   YUM and keep well this winter!  Seasonal flavor with limited availability (Winter flavor)

 These are our signature blends:
Tropical Strawberry-  Organic Hibiscus Kombucha Tea with organic strawberries and organic pineapple.  
tkl-web-7985   strawberries and booch
Ginger Lime-Organic White tea kombucha with organic ginger and a lime slice
Blackberry Sage- Organic Pekoe tea kombucha with blackberries and sage
Orange Lavender Tulsi-
The Amazing benefits of Tulsi tea kombucha (see below) infused with organic oranges and a touch of lavender flowers.  A flavor explosion!
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