Signature Blends

These delicious blends of different kombucha teas, fruits and blends are made in our kitchen every week and available year round. We use the fruits and herbs we grown in our Dodson’s Promised Land Farm gardens as much as possible, or buy from local area farms, or organic. Read my take on organic certification here.

Ginger Lime – Organic white tea kombucha infused with organic limes and organic ginger.

Blackberry Sage – Organic Blackberry black tea kombucha with either organic blackberries or our farm blackberries and our own farm grown sage.

Tropical Strawberry – Organic Hibiscus tea kombucha, locally grown or our farm strawberries and organic pineapple juice.

Orange Lavender– The Amazing benefits of Tulsi tea kombucha infused with organic oranges and a touch of lavender flowers.- grown right here on Dodson’s Promiseland Farm

Blueberry Rosemary – Organic blueberry flavored green tea infused with organic blueberries and our own farm grown rosemary.

Orange Mango

Organic Rooibos and Earl Grey kombucha infused with organic mangoes, organic mango and orange juice, natural mango flavor