Benefits of Tulsi tea kombucha

Highlighting our Orange Lavender kombucha 12/12/2022

Tulsi tea, also known as Holy Basil tea, has a world of health benefits. The tea originates from India and is known for promoting wellness and strengthening the immune system. It produces anti-stress agents which can address a wide range of ailments that the body can encounter on any given day (called adaptagens). It also combats stress and promotes heart health! The tea lowers cholesterol levels and has been found to lower high blood pressure. It increases the body’s oxygen efficiency which can lead to improved endurance and respiratory function. The tea also reduces anxiety and stress and can lead to relaxation. Because of its antioxidants and collagen, it does wonders for skin and hair growth.

We grow the Holy Basil right here on our farm and harvest it at peak flavor. The ferment process, in my opinion, helps your gut absorb more of the nutrients of the herb, creating a synergistic effect to boost the benefits of the Holy Basil. The flavor of this herb has notes of spices and a hint of citrus, so it pairs so well with oranges. There’s is no caffeine in this flavor of kombucha, so this makes an amazing probiotic and calming beverage to enjoy in the evening before bed. The touch of lavender is also calming and soothing and just the perfect compliment to this flavor profile.

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