What is permaculture all about?

Garden abundance!

I, Liz aka The Kombucha Lady, am first and foremost a gardener before ever being the Kombucha Lady. Kombucha came along as an outlet. Herbs, berries, all put to good use in a healthy and amazing tasting drink that benefits my gut, thus benefitting my mind via the vagus nerve that runs all the way down around my gut. Smart. I was intrigued with this idea about sustainable gardening, along with my great love of homesteading and finding ways to live off the land that God has wonderfully provided our here in Rocky Ridge, MD. Here is a link to a wonderful full blown description of permaculture gardening by the people at thespruce.com.

Vagus nerve

When I think about permaculture, I just think it makes sense. Using the land space and the plants to their full potential. We grow the blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries and strawberries, not in a huge garden/field area, but tucked here and there around the yard in an artistic and eye pleasing natural scape. When you give strawberry plants some space, they reward you in sweet ways. When I see a perfect spot, I go grab a baby plant and nestle it in. This is my kinda fun. Weird, I know.

Strawberries and Blueberries-a symbiotic relationship

I get giddy when I explain how we take the spent tea, compost it about 6 months, then make compost tea for the berries for our kombucha tea. See how that worked out perfectly- Permaculture! This year I gave all the berry beds a healthy dose of kombucha to raise the soil acidity and infuse it with all those good bacteria. This is how I roll, and its working beautifully-and tasting our kombucha is the proof that the process is working. Not to mention the big succulent blackberries we harvested last year!

PLF bounty!

Booch on my friends from Liz The Kombucha Lady and giddy gardener.

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