Winter survival tips 2022

Our Berry Well kombucha is filled with the goodness of kombucha, organic elderberries and aronia berries.  Aronia berries are filled with antioxidants and off the charts higher percentage-wise than any other fruit.  We grow these on our farm and also purchase from a local farm, Babe’s Berries in Keymar, MD.   Just a few ounces daily will ramp up your immune system to fight the winter bugs.


Berry Well

Combine Berry Well with our Fire Cider Kombucha and you have a one-two punch! We recommend just one tablespoon of Fire Cider daily. Super spicy, sour and sweet all at once.

FireCider kombucha

More winter survival tips from The Kombucha Lady:

Take it easy with sugar and alcohol this season. (Check out our Instagram posts for dry January drink recipes in the gallery and give ’em a try.) Lots of bone broth and leafy greens. Stretch daily and get outside! Smile! and be grateful for little things Be Well! Love Liz aka The kombucha lady

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