Detox and kombucha

I was recently asked the best flavor for doing a detox and this is why:

Lemon Thyme kombucha is your best bet for a detox

#1 The benefits of green tea. Click this link for lots and lots of proven science of this amazing drink. I always use the best organic green tea I can find.

#2 The benefits of kombucha for detoxing Read this article to know what to expect in a kombucha detox and why its so good for your body, especially your liver.

# 3 The benefits of thyme – Most herbs contain many trace minerals and thyme tea is no slouch in this department. I grow this herb here and it is completely and utterly organic.

#4 The benefits of lemon balm– Also grown here on the farm using organic practices, meaning I fertilize the soil with my own compost and I never spray any pesticides on these herbs.

Also, the probiotics and digestive enzymes in kombucha seem to help absorb the beneficial compounds in these herbs. This is my experience and hopefully can be backed by more scientific study very soon!

I recommend starting s l o w l y with a detox using kombucha, especially if you dont drink it regularly. You want slow detox, not rapid, which is uncomfortable if you get my meaning. So start with a few ounces, see how that goes and work your way up to 8 ounces in the am and 8 ounces at lunch.

Booch on!

Liz the kombucha lady

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