What’s different about our kombucha?

Different– or maybe exciting?  Surely not boring!

Whoa buddy! calm down.


I try so hard to make it all taste the same.

But it’s a living and growing THING. So each batch is different, even of the same flavors. Sometimes it’s warmer in the fermenting closet, so I get a more tart kombucha.  When it’s cooler, more sweet.  Not to mention each SCOBY is different in its make up of beneficial bacteria and yeasts.

And then there’s the teas that I use.  I like to use crazy different , always organic teas.  I like to brew it strong, so my kombucha blends are stronger and bolder.  A dab will do ya.  Sometimes when I want to guzzle, I dilute half seltzer  to half kombucha.


Organic White Peony used in the Ginger Lime flavor


The fruit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  It’s in the jar? Crazy.  And sometimes a bit slimy, huh? That’s different and maybe, weird.  The longer those fruits or herbs are in that jar, the more goodness and flavor is infused in your brew.  So do what The Kombucha Lady does, and just fork it off or strain it out, then enjoy!

Organic blackberries in Blackberry Sage


Local. I live in Rocky Ridge and brew in a church kitchen in Thurmont.  Today, I am running over to Smithsburg to get peaches from a small family run orchard.  That’s how I roll.  Those leaves of herbs like sage or rosemary?  I picked them from my herb garden the morning we bottled.

We?  Well mostly just me, maybe a helper sometimes.  Small business as small can get. 

Now, there’s a difference from the big boys of kombucha!

Enjoy! I made it for you with love.

The Kombucha Lady


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