Sugars in Kombucha

We are working extra hard on a new label!! I am so excited for the day I get to post the picture of the new, 16 ounce Grab-n-Guzzle bottle of The Kombucha Lady brew.

It will look something like this but with a ROCKIN label design by a local artist!

This new flavor is rolling out soon, too!

Now to my point.

I am also going to include nutrition panels that will have the amount of sugars in each brew. HOWEVER , I have had the most frustrating time with nailing down the right numbers of grams of sugar. Fermented products produce acetic acid which will throw off the reading with the tools I use.

Kevita label

So I am going with my numbers for now of between 10-12 grams of sugars per serving. BUT, I tested GTs similar flavors with the same equipment, and they show half those grams in sugars. They have very expensive labs and equipment to get truer readings.

My point is that, I totally care about the grams of sugars I consume and know many of you do, also. I give you my best number and promise to you, I will work my hardest to get those numbers down.

Keep in mind, that we use delicious fruits to flavor the booch, and those fruits have natural sweetness that is good for you, along with amazing vitamins and minerals your body needs. This will bump that sugar number up, as well.

A bit of sciency stuff:

When we ferment the kombucha, most of that sugar is consumed in the fermentation process, as the sugar is converted to CO2 and ethanol by the yeasts, then the probiotics consume those to produce the amino acids, vitamins and minerals that made kombucha famous.

At The Kombucha Lady, we brew the small batches for about 1 week, mostly in one gallon glass jars, until it is tangy, bubbly and mostly sugar free. Any longer and it would be so acidic, it would burn the back of your throat. NOT pleasant or tasty.

Second ferment

The second ferment is when I add the fruits, herbs and spices and then that magic happens as the flavors develop into something AAAAhmazing. I taste every single batch to make sure it is right ON.

Sooooo, please let this article be a caveat to that nutrition panel’s grams of sugars. I will be doing my due diligence to keep it the best kombucha you ever tasted!

Booch on my friends! The Kombucha Lady

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