The best kombucha you ever tasted?

“This is the best kombucha I ever tasted!” I just love the quote above, and I hear it a lot.  It amazes me every time.  I have tested the other brands of kombucha and very few live up to The Kombucha Lady and I am not just braggin’.  I have done some testing and research and I can explain to you why it tastes so so deeelicious. It’s mainly chemistry.  Like when you meet that person and you just click.  Sometimes even love happens, but there has to be chemistry.  The following combo of chemistry just happened to come together perfectly.   Love at first taste. #1 Reason:  Water source.  Our commercial kitchen has well water that is fed from the Catoctin Mountian aquifers.  This water is from way, way down, full of minerals, clean and hard.  The bacteria in my kombucha cultures just LOVE it!

#2  Culture: I grow amazing SCOBYs!  These are my special hybrid super race, perfectly balanced bacteria and yeast colonies.  I keep them super clean and fresh to produce consistently lovely ferments.

#3 Tea: only the absolute best organic teas.  I am constantly experimenting with different teas.  Every brew ferments differently. I absolutely LOVE experimenting and trying new combinations of herbs and all forms of tea. There are infinite possibilities. I have the best job ever.

#4  Temperature: Just so happens the fermenting closet is the exact perfect temperature.  This is classified information. Let’s just say it wasn’t what i wanted or expected, but it worked.

#5 Time:  We have the process down to a science.  Each kind of brew takes different time to ferment.  This is where experience has been the teacher.

#6 Testing:  Each kind of  fruit, herb or spice combo has been taste tested over and over to find the perfect taste pairing.  Oh that you were a taste tester at our house!  It’s always interesting let me say.  But certain herbs, say mint for one, may seem to be a great idea but ferment up rather gross or medicine-like in a final ferment.

#7 Tasting:  I really do taste test every single gallon I ferment.  And each gallon is tested as far a ph goes, which will affect taste.  This is the beauty of small batch local food and drink! Tea, Time, Taste, Test, Temperature…  .

2 thoughts on “The best kombucha you ever tasted?

  1. Lynn Haines says:

    Hello. I am addicted to your BlackBerry Sage kombucha! I am interested in finding out if you offer other berry flavors. I sent you an email I am a kambucha snob and yours is the best!

    • thekombuchalady says:

      thanks Lynn! I have a yummy brew called Roseberry that is organic blueberries with rosemary. So delish! Sorry i am so late in answering. So busy brewing!

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