What the heck is floating in that jar?


My unique twist of keeping that fruit in the jar was done with great fear and trembling.  Would it freak people out to see floaties?  But, I can tell you, the risk was worth it!  The overwhelming response has been amazing.  They love it.  I think mostly because it proves my product is authentic.  Kombucha is a crazy living and active community of beneficial bacteria and yeast.  A bit unpredictable, too.  So don’t expect every single jar to taste exactly the same.  I just cannot control those lil buggars, sometimes.

Here’s some reasons I keep the fruit, herbs and spices in your jar of booch:

  1. The kombucha continues to draw the goodness and flavors out of the fruit in your refrigerator  for days.  The fruit is keeping those lil guys happy!
  2.   The taste keeps improving with the slow fermentation.  Even the color gets prettier with time.
  3. It’s authentic!  You will see lil SCOBYs (the culture in kombucha) forming.  Don’t be grossed out, please.  They tell you that what you are drinking in the real deal and your gut will thank you for it! Just take a fork and lift it out, maybe chase someone around with it first. LOL!

Some tips:

~Strain your kombucha into your glass for a beautiful presentation.  Garnish with fresh fruit, mint or a sprinkle of ginger.

~The spent fruit will be sour, so not so great to eat BUT you can add to smoothies.

~Cold slows the ferment way down, so if your booch is not bubbly you can leave out overnight or add extra fruit and seal tightly.

~ Use a straw and bypass the floaties.



Cheers to your healthly gut!

Liz The Kombucha Lady


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